Stipulated Price General Contracting

The traditional project delivery method that, in general, involves three parties (the Owner, the Architect/Engineer and the Builder).

In this delivery method the Owner would typically obtain the services of a consultant (architect or engineer) to oversee the project on their behalf.  The owner works with the consultant to create full plans/designs/specifications of the project and then the consultant solicits contractor fixed price bids on the owner’s behalf.  The winning contractor (typically low bid) would then enter a contract with the owner while the consultant continues to monitor the project on the owner’s behalf.

This delivery offers the advantage of locked in pricing prior to construction start but does typically involve longer timelines and has minimal contractor input pre-construction.

A Venn diagram of overlapping circles with the words Best Price and Best Quality to symbolize the best purchase choice that is better in cost and value

Calanah Builders has a proven track record of tendering competitive bids while maintaining a positive team environment, working with both Owner and Consultants, while delivering projects.  Our commitment to quality allows us to proudly stand behind our work, even in competitive bid scenarios.