Stipulated Price General Contracting

The traditional project delivery method involves three parties - you, the owner, an architect/engineer, and a builder.

A Project Team That Works For You

In this delivery method, the owner (you) would hire a consultant (architect or engineer) to oversee the project on your behalf.

The owner then works with the consultant to create the plans, designs and full specifications of the project. From there the consultant solicits fixed price bids from general contractors/builders on the owner’s behalf. The winning builder/contractor (typically the lowest bid) enters into a contract with the owner while the consultant continues to monitor the project on the owner’s behalf.

This delivery method offers the advantage of locked-in pricing but involves longer timelines and has minimal builder/contractor input pre-construction.

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We Work With Consultants To Provide Competitive Project Bids

Specification Reviews And Collaboration With Consultants

Lock In Pricing Before Construction Begins


A History Of Cooperation And Success

Calanah Builders has a proven track record of tendering competitive bids while maintaining a positive team environment, working with both owners and consultants. Our commitment to quality allows us to proudly stand behind our work in all procurement processes. Often contractors will cut corners, even using lower quality materials, to bring their bid down. We bid accurately and in accordance with all specifications up front and don't cut corners just to be awarded the job.

Frequently Asked Questions

Changes requested by the owner should be discussed with their consultant first. The consultant will determine the scope of the changes and prepare a Proposed Change Notice and issue to the contractor for pricing. If pricing is acceptable the consultant will issue a change order to all parties to be signed and become part of the contract.
  • As a rule we provide:
    1. General liability insurance
    2. Course of construction insurance
    3. Workers compensation coverage for all workers
    4. COR safety certification
The property owner is responsible for safety on the site but that responsibility is typically assigned to the General Contractor in the contract documents.