Take advantage of our years of construction experience early in the process. Regardless of what project delivery option you choose we can offer our expertise to help you navigate pre-construction planning and help maximize your project’s value.

Supporting Your Project From The Start

Design-build, stipulated price, cost plus, construction management or a customized solution. What is the best option for your project? Our team can lay out the advantages and disadvantages of each delivery method and help you determine the best fit for your project.

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Pre-Construction Planning

Define Project Requirements & Set Next Steps

Project Support & Scheduling


Thinking Ahead Pays Off

There are many variables to every project. An early consultation with our team can go a long way to minimizing both budgets and schedules. We can provide services ranging from simple exploratory meetings to full project preparation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Timelines will vary by project size and scope. Once we’ve met with you to determine your needs and the scope of the project we can provide preliminary projected timelines.
Depending on the complexity of the project and what season the project starts, there are factors that may affect the schedule. These are discussions to have at the pre-construction stage where our expertise can help anticipate any potential issues and work towards solutions.
  • Before starting construction, we need to:
    • Have property secured.
    • Drawings and specifications completed
    • All proper permits in place
    • Signed contract
    • Financing secured (if applicable)
    • The timelines on the above may vary by job size and complexity