Design Build

Design Build delivery is an increasingly popular option.  This project delivery method, in general, involves a single relationship between two parties (the Owner and the Builder).  The Owner works directly with the Builder from project concept through to completion.

In this delivery method the Owner and Builder have a close working relationship from the preliminary stages of the project.  The Builder remains the primary point of contact for the owner throughout the process and retains any required consultants to complete designs/plans and specifications.  Design Build contracts can typically be structured as stipulated price or cost plus depending on the Owner’s requirements.

This delivery offers the advantage of faster project timelines and, due to Builder involvement, can realize cost saving opportunities at the design stage.  Additionally, projects can be designed with the Owner’s budget in mind rather than receiving pricing after design is completed.

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At Calanah Builders our experience allows us to guide you through every step of the project process from conceptual, to design and through to completion.  We can offer in house design services to get your project started quickly and we have a network of quality consultants that we work with to ensure all project requirements are satisfied.

Our long-standing reputation of honesty and dependability make us an ideal choice to partner with in a Design Build scenario.