Construction Management

Construction Management is a great option for owners who are familiar and comfortable with the design-build process.  The level of responsibility for each party varies with project requirements but, in general, the owner is responsible for the project and the builder acts as an agent to assist/guide the owner through the process.

Custom Management, Optimal Results

In this delivery method the owner assumes the overall responsibility for the project and then contracts with the builder to act as his agent to coordinate design and construction. The scope of responsibility for each party is determined beforehand and can be customized to satisfy the owners requirements and comfort level.

This delivery method offers a quick and highly customizable management solution which can be very cost effective.

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Project Coordination

Customized Management Solutions

Cost Saving Opportunities


We’re Flexible Enough To Customize

As a small volume builder our commitment to client satisfaction allows us to customize a management solution tailored to the owner and project. If you’re considering a Construction Management solution you can trust our team to provide whatever services you require.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, all invoices are submitted to Calanah and reviewed for accuracy and then passed to the project Owner for payment directly to the sub-contractor or supplier. Construction management fees are submitted monthly.
Calanah provides all general management and site supervision and may provide general carpentry labour. Most all other scopes of work are subcontracted to qualified professionals.
The property owner is responsible for safety on the site but Construction Management delivery allows more flexibility so the responsibility can be assigned to either party to satisfy the owners comfort level.